10 languages are spoken at Webranking

We understand our customers’ countries better because we work with teams from around the world, and that makes a difference.

We are an agency that wants to think globally to work better in our customers’ markets.

Therefore, we have internationalized our internal team. We have done this by paying a lot of attention to skills, since being a native speaker is not enough.

Our team is international, and our foreign specialists are all in-house and have received graduate and post-graduate education in digital marketing.

Today at Webranking, in addition to speaking English, French and Spanish, we also speak German, Greek, Chinese, Vietnamese, Russian and Arabic.

Besides language skills – which are very useful for SEO analysis and campaign management in Paid Search – we rely on the understanding of countries and cultures, as we encourage a fusion of these influences in everyday work.

We are the most effective agency in terms of international planning of Italian multinational groups because we don’t need to outsource planning stages to any foreign subsidiary.

The team that will track an international project belongs entirely to Webranking. We achieve better results by working together and also participating in meetings with each of our clients.

Testimonials of our international colleagues are coming soon. In the meantime, feel free to view our case studies.

In the course of our internal training periods, which constitutes 10% of overall training, foreign colleagues share the business characteristics of their cultures of origin with the whole company. We are acquainted with the cultural particularities of MENA, or the Middle East and North Africa market, China and Russia, to name a few.

We can help solve your queries about managing your international campaigns. We also offer an initial audit to estimate the scope for improvement.

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