Webtrekk Certified Partner
We are certified for the sale, analysis and setup of the Webtrekk web analytics platform

We are one of the first agencies in Italy to become a certified partner for the sale and consulting services regarding Webtrekk Q3.

This German platform is particularly appropriate for the analysis of eCommerce performance: thanks to its unique approach to the product and the processing of the order, Webtrekk presents itself as a great tool for strategic consulting in the area of online sales.

Thanks to a complex system of examinations, this certification process covers both the agency and the consultants themselves. It is possible to establish the platform in a refined way so that Webtrekk is holding all of the raw data acquired from the user’s activity on a site and will ultimately extract samples of the data, which require careful analysis and interpretation by consultants.

The Webtrekk Q3 platform eliminates the laborious task of sampling of large data sets, which in the past was an activity allocated to a Digital Marketing Consultant.

It also offers the possibility to structure an in-depth ROI analysis of advertising campaigns integrated with digital media (search, display, social, email marketing, app), as well as traditional media outlets, such as radio and TV. Thanks to a unique ID code, we can analyze the behavior of your customers and the CRM prospects, monitoring their behavior in relation to other means of promotion.

Finally, Webtrekk has built many interesting marketing automation features that can be strategic for increasing the conversion rates of direct and eCommerce sites.

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