Privacy Policy

Anyone surfing this website is encouraged to read beforehand all parts of this statement and the subsequent additions in this section, which detail the guidelines adopted with regard to personal data protection.

Netsurfing through for consultation does not require any personal information. However, certain technologies that involve the storing of some data regarding the tools used are still active, which is somehow attributable to the Browser.

The table below contains some information about the active and passive collection of information on subjects/tools that interact with this site, and the measures taken for safety. These rules refer only to the website; therefore, the data sent is of specific relevance in terms of websites accessible via the “links” offered to the Browser.

While navigating within a website, it is technically possible – even in the absence of a formal registration to the service by the Browser and without its active participation – to collect information which is called passive due to said reasons. In particular, they describe how to use IP Addresses, session or permanent Cookies, Internet tags, navigation data, and also the possibility of excluding them and the implications of doing so.

In regard to the passive collection of information, the services offered on this website:

  1. Do not use IP (Internet Protocol Addresses) to collect information; we instead store them in the navigation data.
  2. Use Navigation Data only for statistical purposes as aggregated data.
  3. Use session cookies and permanent cookies only to improve the navigation within the site, but not for statistical purposes. If necessary, depending on the browser in use, it is possible to disable the use of cookies: In this case, netsurfing may not be as smooth.
  4. Do not use Internet Tags.

As for the active gathering of information, the services offered on are implemented in accordance with the following factors:

  1. E-mail: the data received through the website’s contact e-mail is used only to respond to requests from the Browser, and not for other purposes. Such data is stored only for statistical purposes and for verification of the existence of any previous data.
  2. Individual names can be entered in specific Mailing Lists only at the express request of the Browser that wishes to receive certain documents (news, business information, etc.).
  3. Registration: to access certain services, the site provides for the acquisition of data via a special form. This information is used only to respond to the demands of the sender, to provide the requested services and for the purposes expressed in the special information of each service and not for other purposes.
  4. Space for debate: any “discussion space” arising on the website is subject to specific rules of conduct; the data will not be used for any other purpose.