SEO [Search Engine Optimization]
Webranking is the reference point in terms of SEO for large companies, in competitive and complex environments and in international scenarios.

Search Engine Optimization is the optimization of websites for search engines. This has been part of Webranking’s DNA since 1998 when we came into existence. At this time Adwords was nonexistent and SEO was the only way to optimize search engine results.

Since then we have helped sites to get the best organic -or natural– positioning based on their content, within the search engine pages. Decades of experience and constant training allow us to be Italy’s reference point for SEO, especially in complex and competitive scenarios. For example, with large web sites which are made using enterprise software platforms.

Google’s latest policies are always our point of reference and our benchmarks for the organization of website structures and content hierarchies; this is what we call Information Architecture. In today’s world, this is fundamental for displaying content articulated with the search engine.

SEO as assurance

Despite the internal implementation costs, if well managed, SEO remains the channel for the highest ROI [Return On Investment]. However, if mishandled, it could represent a considerable threat to the sustainability of a business. Think of the consequences of a prolonged penalty for an e-commerce site, or for an exclusively digital company; catastrophic.

Today, even companies that already have optimal coverage of the organic results should regard SEO as an assurance of their business and maintain a strong focus on SEO issues, not necessarily for expanding but for defending and protecting their assets.

White Hat

The sites we track are assigned a stable and lasting position in time thanks to friendly SEO techniques and technologies, while avoiding any penalties. In several cases we have had to recover sites from penalties arising from aggressive link building techniques or a wrong interpretation of Google policies.

Virtuous relationship with IT

The soul of Webranking is twofold: marketing and IT. This allows us to combine communication dynamism and website technologies, and to suggest the best way to get results, by reducing or controlling the complexities of implementation.

Experience in complex situations

Over the past years, we’ve been working closely with the leading web agencies and integration systems on databases that contain millions of records in a very complex architecture.

We often collaborate with companies that have internal IT teams, along with external suppliers and system integrators. We are always committed to finding solutions that will enable businesses to achieve their objectives in accordance with the technological constraints introduced by the enterprise – or highly customized– platforms.

Over the years, companies like Ikea, MediaWorld, Enel, Vodafone, eBay, Prada and many others have relied on us for consultancy regarding SEO and for a structural reorganization of their websites, succeeding in successfully managing the organic search results of search engines.

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