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Just like oil, data remains useless if they are not extracted, refined, distributed and monetized. They constitute the factors that show us the direction for a new business strategy.

At Webranking, we believe that all of our projects should be based on analytics: only with analytics can we truly measure the effectiveness of a project.

We are the largest Digital Analyst team in Italy.

We don’t solely rely on the analytics expertise of our specialists, who deal with several digital systems.  In fact, we have a dedicated team of analysts who deal exclusively with the analysis, collection and processing of data. Our analysts’ profiles and skills are diverse: from the most technical/strategic profiles for ensuring the collection of correct data, to the most advisory ones that are directly in charge of supporting the marketing team and our customers. Ultimately, they all work together to make data-driven decisions.

Reliable Data

Through data analysis we can assess the level of achievement based on the KPIs or Key Performance Indicators that we adopt, alongside the client’s initial objectives. Therefore, it is essential to work with the most accurate data and that it is collected in an appropriate manner. We must be able to rely on it. This activity mostly concerns the technological component: the machine that extracts the data.

WA Tech. The fact that we are also an IT company helps us enormously when it comes to certifying tracking. It is necessary that we ensure and maintain the accuracy of complex configurations on articulated platforms such as Adobe Analytics (formerly Site Catalyst) as well as on Google Analytics Premium, Webtrekk, Coremetrics and Webtrends.

This is what we call the WA Tech world, i.e. the world of Web Analytics, which is more related to technology, implementations and programming, and this is what we excel at. An example of this WA Tech application is when we verify the accuracy of the tracings made by others, or the traffic certification of a publisher.

From Data to Insight. On the WA Insight team, we are responsible for data processing, which aims to extract knowledge from the data guaranteed by the Tech team. The objective is to make data-driven decisions, i.e. decisions that are not based on emotions but supported by numbers as much as possible.

In this context, some of our strengths include the transfer of knowledge between our internal departments, alongside the training for the digital and marketing teams we work with. We believe that the teams we work with should be aware of the importance of measuring and interpreting data to gain insights for their business. Only then does it become easier for them to grow by making informed – and therefore more sound – decisions.

Some digital agencies are strong only within the Tech realm. These are the ones who can work only in the second line as they depend on IT.
Webranking is a more complete agency because we are strong on both sides: this is what can make the difference.

Partnership and Corporate Relations

We have partnered with all of the world’s major Analytics platforms. In addition to this, we have an expertise built over the years on most commercial platforms nationwide.

In 2015 we launched our own event format, which we called WAW (Web Analytics World), where we combined Google, Adobe, Tealium, Webtrekk and Tag Commander – for the first time together in Italy – to talk about Web Analytics and tag management solutions at a high level.

For each event, we invited a company that presented its own history and experience of use. Some of these stories have become international case studies, like that of Allianz for Google Analytics Premium.


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