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Our Correggio branch is the headquarters of Webranking. Because of it's location within the Emilia Romagna region of Italy, we say that this office carries the Emilian region's spirit in its DNA. The building, completely designed and owned by Webranking, houses a 4,000 m² garden, a pool and a gym.


The Data Analyst or Data Analytics Specialist will be responsible for measuring, analyzing and monitoring the progress of website performance for our major customers. In particular, they will manage the implementation of the measurement system, starting from the set-up and definition of KPIs, to the creation of the report with the analysis of data provided by the monitoring system.

The SEM Specialist will be responsible for the development and operational management of SEM campaigns mainly on Google Adwords for important national and international customers, as well as for campaign tracking and reporting.

The Programmatic Specialist deals with the design, management and optimization of campaigns in CPM/CPC/CPA on the main online channels using different tools for planning, and takes care of the subsequent phases of data and KPI analysis, the development and reporting of strategies so as to monitor their progress and possible improvements.

The SEO Specialist will deal with website optimization activities by identifying problems, developing solutions and the practical implementation of planned interventions.

This collaborator will work in the Consulting Department by assisting the Head of Innovation in the analysis and development of new innovative services in support of web marketing consulting and the integration of systems and platforms.

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